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  • By 2017, revenue growth from the digital products and services is 2x that from the traditional product portfolio
  • By 2019, worldwide spending on Digital Initiatives will reach 2.2 trillion, almost 60% more than in 2016
  • By 2020, half of the Global 2000 Enterprises will see the majority of their business depend on their ability to create digitally-enabled product, services and experiences
  • In line with the above, IDC research shows that 89% of European organizations view Digital Transformation as central to their corporate strategy

We live in the DX Economy - a time when digital transformation has attained macroeconomic scale and impact, becoming the core of what industry leaders do and how they operate.

The DX Economy is driven by digital native enterprises - born in the digital era, they disrupt traditional models and forms of interactions between the customer and the product or service.

In order to succeed in this economy, established enterprises must transform into a "digital native", in the way its executives and employees think, and how they act. Digital strategies are needed for organizations to actively disrupt business models and processes, establish new revenue sources or increase profitability of existing revenue sources.

To become a digital native enterprise, there are five digital masteries which organizations need to attain:

Leadership: Innovate, integrate and incorporate. CIOs must deliver and integrate new digital technologies with legacy systems and processes, while embedding infrastructure and cultural change management techniques as a result of digitally-enhanced processes.

Relationship: Optimise reach, maximize relevancy and enable reciprocity from your customers, employees and channel partners. Aim for evangelism, not just satisfaction.

Information: Syntax, semantics and socialisation are all critical when the endgame is to increase the percentage revenue generated from information-based products, experiences and services.

Operation: Achieve scale, expand scope and delivery speed of innovations and across business units.

Talent: Workplace optimisation and talent sourcing, where process, people and culture are perfectly aligned to create a workforce who will drive your digital transformation goals.

The digital battlefield is intensifying. All industries are being disrupted. Technology and non-technology players are converging. Are you ready to become a Digital Native and compete in the DX economy?