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The world as we know it today is more connected than ever before, with billions of connected "things" influencing our day-to-day lives at work and home alike. With this rapid growth of connected things, concerns about the security and effective management of computing resources are only growing. Internet of Things (IoT) technology, for example, requires the use of secure and automated transaction processing applications, which can eliminate the need for human intervention and reduce the risk of human error. Similarly, the growth of IoT as a part of digital transformation highlights the need for security solutions that protect the confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and vulnerability of IoT devices and environments.

Based on an IDC study of 2,300 executives across 15 countries, 48% of decision makers have already deployed IoT solutions within their organizations, and another 58% indicated that IoT is central to their business strategies.

This IDC conference helps participants form a better understanding of current technology trends, identify areas of future growth, and stay ahead in their respective fields. Participants will learn how to create and monetize new business models and services, innovate easily, and get more things done, all while networking with industry peers. The conference will also provide an opportunity for organizations to explore how to boost productivity and deliver insights for better user experience and engagement.




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