UAE Banking & Finance Congress 2017 | Events | IDC CEMA

Sticking to their digital and innovation roadmaps, many financial services firms have been successful in their attempts to transform. And from the implementation of omni-experience initiatives to the use of advanced analytics and the emergence of digital-only outfits, the industry is now raring to do more.

Technological innovations and changes in consumer behavior have helped financial services to disperse beyond a single vertical, and the fintech phenomenon has seen companies across a wide range of industries become more bank-like, making financial services much more accessible. Meanwhile the emergence of blockchain technology and the shift towards intelligent automation with AI/cognitive systems are creating a whole new world of opportunities and challenges.

To cope with the disrupted landscape, financial institutions must now ensure their platforms are 'partner friendly', thereby enabling like-minded enterprises, vendors, and startups to add more value to their core financial services. Now more than ever, the industry is ready to explore alternative ecosystems of value collaboration.

Against this backdrop, the IDC UAE Banking & Finance Congress serves as the ideal platform to discover the business benefits of technology and learn how it can deliver results that work for both you and your customers. Engage with your peers and respected industry experts as our finely tuned agenda provides you with a new perspective on enhancing your competitiveness in this era of digital transformation.