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Digital Transformation is already a pervasive trend across industries impacting especially Telco’s & vertical industries, however many challenges must be addressed to become a true digital telco. That includes creating a new vision, digitalizing customer interactions, becoming the providers of digital society with new digital, and rebuilding the operational model and the technology architecture that sustain the overall transformation.

The day is coming when not being fully digital could put business out. Old revenue streams will dry out and new ones will open up and to capture them we have to be where the customers are, in digital. But it is not a questions of making old processes digital, it is about rethinking your operating model with processes and organization by challenging the past and rethinking the way you do everything.

Rethinking is hard when you are stuck in legacies of mindset, governance and organization. Therefore, plan for Telcos and Vertical industries digital transformation carefully and design the future operating model accordingly. This means challenging old habits of how Telcos and Vertical industries do things, from governance, to sourcing, to product development. It is about embracing a digital culture that values innovation, accepts failure and moves swiftly to adapt to new conditions, just like your digitally native peers.


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