Securing your Digital Journey: Perspectives from the Kingdom | Events | IDC CEMA

As the Saudi government's National Transformation Program gains momentum, digital transformation is becoming an absolute necessity. Technology underpins the major goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and new customer demands and heightened expectations of agility are compelling Saudi organizations to become digital enterprises.

However, technological gaps are constantly being exposed, and security professionals are scrambling to manage risk as the organizations they work for must both comply with regulations and counter adversaries seeking to exploit their IT systems. And as the challenges mount, security professionals are being called on to do more in an environment of limited resources and dynamically evolving IT architectures.

Security is the hot topic from boardrooms to datacenters — and while many experts claim to have answers, nobody has the answer. Saudi organizations have increased their IT security awareness in recent years, but protecting assets remains a complex challenge for organizations that must find a balance between existing and new technology deployments and the ever-evolving malicious threat landscape.

During this executive event, we will examine the Saudi Arabia's security landscape and explore the challenges that organizations are likely to encounter as they embark on digital transformation. The event will highlight the latest security trends and reevaluate the conventional wisdom that underlies IT security strategies.