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Today’s consumers wallow in information. Their decision making is affected by a variety of sources. Twitter, Facebook, and blogs of all kinds are peppered with information on new products and services, while user groups and web publications give advice on what to buy and where to find the best deals. The customer experience is constantly expanding, and the goal of information technologies is to make it as comfortable as possible regardless of where we shop, be it at a convenience store, a megamall, or online.

IT investments in retail in Turkey and worldwide are often driven by the same key factors: increasing revenue, expanding productivity, retaining existing customers, and improving the effectiveness of marketing.

Competition is coming from very different angles: blurring segments, direct sales from manufacturers, growing eCommerce sales new entrants, local niche merchants, and social commerce websites.

The goal of IDC Turkey’s Digital Retail Conference is to contribute to a constructive discussion on a number of key industry-specific issues:

  • What are the best practices and what are the pitfalls to avoid in retail IT and business strategies?
  • Which strategies and tactics work best to achieve short-term results and long term excellence for the organization – both process and IT?
  • What are the key transformation and innovation programs to kick off now to differentiate over the longer term?
  • Which IT investments will deliver better ROI along customer-centric strategies?
  • How can Cloud enable a better alignment with the business capabilities needed to support an omni-channel strategy?
  • How can retailers optimize inventory usage and sell-through?
  • How could retailers leverage on technologies that enable Precision Retailing strategies?

The event is suited for:

  • Retailers (local & global players with a presence in Türkiye) – CEOs, CIOs, IT Directors, IT Architects, VPs/Heads of Merchandise Management, Marketing VPs/Directors, Sales VPs/Directors, Store/Channel VPs/Directors, e-Commerce Directors, Corporate Strategy Executives, Supply Chain Directors, Inventory/Distribution/Warehouse Directors
  • Local and International Manufacturers of Consumer Goods
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