IDC Day Kyiv 2017: Every thing as a Service | Events | IDC CEMA

IT entered period of unprecedented transformation. Whole industries may well sink into oblivion or change skin soon. Cloud solutions have become a core component of all modern processes connected with infrastructure and business development. Pay-as-you-go service outsourcing, virtualization, distributed environments and mobile employees had already ceased to be exotic or being prerogative for big companies only.

Until recently, Cloud unfolded mostly as private infrastructures. Telco issues, providers reliability perception, SLA shortcomings, legal restrictions, software requirements, traditional vendors antagonism, complexity of integration with business processes, lack of user equipment compatibility, and many more hindered the rise of public and hybrid clouds. All of these are no longer the case. We have witnessed explosive growth of the new concept's favor. More and more technology moves into the category of service offered by provider. Clouds allow companies to pay for what they need here and now only, rather than financing entire infrastructure for solutions production.

Conference IDC Day Kyiv 2017: Every thing as a Service – is the summit for the IT managers, CIO, CTO and CEO designed from the outset as the event, where leaders of industry and leading experts will present their hands on vision of cloud tools implementation for various segments and participate a workshop with audience. Both global trends and challenges faced by Ukrainian companies will be addressed.

Metrics and concepts which IT and business professionals get used to won’t work in the postindustrial society. Are you ready for the Everything as the Service world?

Who Should Attend

  • CIOs IT Directors
  • IT Managers and Heads of Departments
  • Facility & Operation Managers
  • IT Infrastructure Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Purchase Managers   {/column}