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08:30 – 09:20

Welcome Tea/Coffee & Networking

09:20 – 09:30

Welcome Address

Andries Lombaard
Country Manager, IDC South Africa

09:30 – 10:00

Building The New Security Roadmap

Hamza Naqshbandi
Principal Analyst, IT Services, Middle East & Africa

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Organizations are striving to execute digital transformation processes and bring innovation to the forefront. Organizations are further aiming to transform their processes, operations, and leadership to become digital enterprises. Specifically, companies are investing in 3rd Platform technologies and innovation accelerators to meet their targets within given timelines. However, organizations have to deal with the rapidly changing demands of their customers as well as a threat landscape that is getting increasingly complex. Organizations also have to contend with new vulnerabilities and technologies, meet customer demand for a seamless experience, and increasingly address issues relating to risk and trust.

The following keynote presentation will look at the trends impacting the security landscape in the region. It will also explore the issues that organizations will need to address in the digitally transformed era and outline what factors they need to consider in their security road maps for the future.

10:00 – 10:30

Protecting Against The Insider Threat

Christo van Staden
Regional Manager: Sub-Saharan Africa

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Historically DLP and Insider Threat products have been kept separate with well defined boundaries limiting each product to solving its own set of problems. This is where the combined Forcepoint DLP and Insider Threat solutions bridge the chasm and provide the kind of visibility into user behavior that is needed to more comprehensively protect their data.


10:30 – 11:00

Security – a fundamental pillar of digital transformation

Lionel Moyal
Business Group Lead for Productivity

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As sophisticated threats continue to be the number one security concern for organisations, CISOs face rising challenges due to increasing complexity, lack of visibility and ineffective response.Learn how to simplify and accelerate the journey to better threat management, response and risk control and establish a foundation of trust paving the way to digital transformation.


11:00 – 11:30

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

David Moncur
Technical Account Manager, South Africa, Samsung

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As mobile devices are ubiquities in our work lives organisations are constantly looking for ways to manage the lifecycle of these devices. Samsung have been a part of this journey within many organizations and have a number of innovative solutions that can help you through these steps and alleviate some of your headaches.


11:30 – 12:00

Mid Morning Tea/Coffee Break and Networking

12:05 – 12:35

Managing Security Complexity

Gareth James
Network & Security Specialist, Vmware

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Organizations need to adopt strategies to better manage their security posture. Indeed, with multiple devices, policies, users, and optimized budgets, security is getting increasingly complex. This session looks at the factors taken into account by organizations attempting to improve their overall security.

12:35 – 13:05

Software Defined Security Networks

Waseem Raza Ebrahim
Senior System Engineer

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Cybersecurity is one of the top IT topics due to the continuous hacks, data thefts, and high profile breaches taking place. Cyber defense thus requires a holistic security approach that includes broader process and technology strategies. To be better prepared and to decrease the probability of targeted breaches, future and potential threats need to be considered as well. This session looks at how threat intelligence will help organizations identify ongoing security threats and take precautions against future dangers.


13:05 – 13:25

Collective Security – Meerkats vs Humans

Mazen Halawi

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As the security industry has continued to under invest in the human element of security, phishing has become the top attack vector for cyber criminals. Breaches continue to occur in record numbers, identification takes an exorbitantly long time, and the most preferred target is an organization’s human assets. Empowering human assets to provide vetted intelligence into your incident response teams is often overlooked. Every organization has these human sensors, and there’s a natural desire for these employees to want to help.

In this presentation, Mazen Halawi will discuss:

•Why the cyber security industry is broken

•How to reduce susceptibility to human-targeted attacks

•How to empower users to become human sensors to recognize and report suspected attacks


13:25 – 14:15

Lunch & Networking

14:15 – 14:20

Raffle Draw

14:20 – 14:35

DNS Security – The Lost Conversation

Rene Bosman
Manager, Infoblox

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As you know, while our digital age has opened new paths to prosperity, it has also created a cybercrime landscape that threatens the success of all who embrace it.

Newer, more advanced, and more dynamic attack vectors are introduced every single day. Several high-profile data breaches have been in the news recently and we read that millions of customer records are stolen, emails hacked, and sensitive information leaked. Most enterprises have multiple defense mechanisms and security technologies in place, such as next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), and intrusion-prevention systems (IPSs). Yet somehow malicious actors find a way to appropriate data. Hackers can use multiple pathways to steal data, but the one that is often unknowingly left open is DNS, or the Domain Name System. DNS is increasingly being used for data exfiltration, either by malware-infected devices or by rogue employees. The nature of the DNS protocol, which was invented more than 30 years ago, is such that it is trusted, yet vulnerable to hackers and malicious insiders. During this presentation, we will discuss how this can help you use core network services to:

• Prevent Data Exfiltration via Secure DNS

• Detect sophisticated cyberattacks that affect and use internal/external DNS

• Integrate with your security ecosystem to reduce the cyber kill-chain


14:35 – 14:50

How a Small USB Drive Can Cause a Lot of Trouble?

Grant Rau
Business Development Manager - Africa - Kingston Technology Picture

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14:50 – 15:05

Presentation by Mimecast

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15:05 – 15:35

Panel Discussion: Addressing the New Security Ecosystem

This panel discussion will examine how organizations are addressing the new set of security channels and dynamics associated with the drive for digital transformation. The panel will provide valuable insights into the practices and protocols they have incorporated within their own organizations, offering answers to the following questions:

  • What new technologies have you recently deployed and how are you securing them?
  • What challenges are organizations in your industry facing when it comes to security and digital transformation?
  • What security-related aspects do organizations typically fail to address from a people, process, and technology perspective?
  • If people are the weakest link, what issues continue to cause the biggest challenge when it comes to security and users?
  • How are you addressing security as your organization moves into an increasingly connected world?


15:35 – 15:40

Summary & Close

15:40 – 16:40

Networking / Cocktails

Please note that the topics identified above are representative only. The conference agenda will be kept up to date.