Critical C-Suite Security Strategy | Events | IDC CEMA

Security breaches and hacks are no longer incidents that happen in other parts of the world. In our connected world, security incidents have become frequent occurrences that impact industries and countries at large. The Middle East has not been immune to security attacks, and with the frequently targeted energy and finance sectors and rising level of hacktivism, the cybersecurity landscape of the region is changing rapidly.

However, security investments in the Middle East, while ongoing, are rarely sufficient. Skills shortages and regulations make the achievement of robust and secure environments difficult for the present day chief information security officer (CISO).

The pressure to innovate and support strategic visions has made security a priority and a non-negotiable issue in the UAE. Depending on the sector, the purview of the security decision maker now extends to physical, operational, industrial, and information security. The CISO will have to ensure security solutions are deployed while guaranteeing that security compliance does not impact user experience. Information security is complex and requires various levels of engagement from governments, industries, and even individuals.

At this roundtable, IDC and its partners will showcase the strategies that CISOs need to consider in order to build resilient organizations that survive security incidents. The roundtable will give CISOs and security decision makers an opportunity to gain insights into managing security solutions, regulations, and teams. CISOs and security decision makers will also learn how their peers engage with the business and implement security plans.



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