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The last 12 months have seen a notable increase in the number of organizations in Morocco deploying 3rd Platform technologies such as cloud. While the benefits of such solutions are plentiful, the proliferation of network-connected devices and the migration of operations to the cloud makes it very difficult for enterprises to retain complete control over their own data and applications, with the management of hybrid environments proving to be a particular challenge.

Compounding this complexity is the growing sophistication of cyberthreats, with the speed and dynamic nature of today’s cybercriminals causing untold headaches for organizations and the IT teams tasked with securing them. The potential for financial and reputational damage is great, so enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to ensure the security of their IT environments amid this constantly evolving threat landscape.

How important are the following digital technologies in supporting your organization’s digital transformation strategy?

Source: IDC’s CIO Francophone Summit, 2016

IDC's Cloud and Datacenter Roadshow 2017 offers a highly interactive platform for educating Morocco’s end-user community on the technologies they should be prioritizing as they look to build effective cloud strategies that will ensure a competitive and secure 2018.