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Next-Gen Datacenters: Making Cloud a Reality

Organizations in Turkey has started their 3rd platform journey. Big data, mobility and cloud computing have now taken their place among major investment plans. Organizations in different sectors such as finance, telecommunications, healthcare, government and utitilies have launched their transformational projects that encompass these different technologies. Two important pillars of these projects are datacenter and processes. Business processes need to be redesigned in order to succeed in transformational projects such as big data and cloud. Ultimately, these technologies will be leveraged to achieve corporate goals and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, organizations need to create a new datacenter architecture that can accomodate these new technologies and to meet the business needs.


Hybrid: The New Normal

Benefits of Cloud Sourcing

Efficient and Cost Saving Cloud based DRaaS

Business Benefits of Cloud Strategies

Datacenter Security

How Safe is Your Datacenter?

Future of Storage

Hyper Converged DC Infrastructure

Cyberthreats: Knowing Your Risks

3rd Platform – The Next Evolution of IT







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