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Cybercriminals have an expanding attack surface due to 3rd platform technologies and upcoming innovation accelerator technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), robotics, cognitive. Furthermore, increasing number of mobile workers, increasing use of cloud based technologies and social networks are another influencer of this surface. Security should be considered as a main issue on the board level with a comprehensive approach including pros and cons of planned security investments. Nowadays, security threats are no longer easily noticeable. So what can organizations do to protect their IT environments from internal and external security risks?

  • Session 1 - Threat Intelligence: Cybersecurity is one of the top IT topics due to the continuous hacks, data thefts, and high profile breaches taking place. Cyber defense thus requires a holistic security approach that includes broader process and technology strategies. To be better prepared and to decrease the probability of targeted breaches, future and potential threats need to be considered as well. This session looks at how threat intelligence will help organizations identify ongoing security threats and take precautions against future dangers.
  • Session 2 - Collaboration of Security and Risk: Why Business and IT Need to be Aligned: For the longest time, there has been a disconnect between business and IT. However, this situation is changing as the need to improve ROI and optimize cost has prompted IT departments to align their projects with business goals. In this session, discussions will revolve around why companies need to consider their risk portfolios and ensure that security is well aligned in order to protect their operations without impeding progress.
  • Session 3 - The Convergence of Information and Operational Security: Organizations across sectors in the region are increasingly deploying devices in order to achieve new efficiencies with the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT ecosystem is not just limited to sensors, but includes autonomous cars, wearables, and connected consumer devices as well. This brings in a new set of challenges in terms of securing such devices and the data generated by them. This session looks at how organizations can address informational and operational security more holistically.
  • Session 4 - Managing Security Complexity: Organizations need to adopt strategies to better manage their security posture. Indeed, with multiple devices, policies, users, and optimized budgets, security is getting increasingly complex.  This session looks at the factors taken into account by organizations attempting to improve their overall security.

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