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For the past few years, cloud adoption in the Middle East has evolved from basic implementations that went little beyond server virtualization and adoption of off-the-shelf SaaS solutions to full-fledged hybrid cloud implementations. Such hybrid cloud implementations vary in their characteristics depending on different sector needs and workflows.

In 2015, IDC expects that one in every five enterprises in the region will adopt cloud in some shape or form as they seek out solutions that deliver operational flexibility and agility and help reduce capital outlays and operational costs.

Cloud computing is changing IT and helping it become more agile and scalable. As a result, IDC predicts that companies in the Middle East will begin to adopt IaaS models rather than continue with on-premise technologies. SaaS will also reach new levels of customization and service, to the point where it disrupts and cannibalizes traditional software and IT services utilization.

Furthermore, corporate datacenters in the Middle East are fast approaching saturation in terms of virtualization. As a result, datacenters are becoming cost centers due to the need for increased management and oversight. The adoption of cloud computing therefore comes as a natural cost-saving strategy, as it adds more advanced automation and orchestration features on top of highly virtualized environments, moves non-critical workloads off-premise, and reduces overall complexity.

Against this backdrop, this roundtable event will show how cloud, together with other 3rd Platform technologies such as mobility and Big Data analytics, has been helping IT become not only a relevant partner to business operations but also a key enabler for innovation.






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