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IDC and the Czech Institute of information Security Managers (ČIMIB) are offering a unique opportunity to learn about the impacts of the new Act on Cybernetic Security on all corporations. The one-of-a-kind National Cybersecurity conference will host the authors of the new law as well as representatives of the most prestigious institutions who will provide key information about how the adoption of the new legislation is going to affect all of us and will be available for an open discussion on this critical topic.   

This event is held under the patronage of Jan Bartošek, Deputy of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

Unique line-up of speakers who created the National Cybersecurity Act.

Last chance to discuss new obligations that the law brings about with its authors. We will explain you all key aspects of the Cybersecurity Act as it comes to force.

 Main topics: 

  • Implementing Decrees
  • Legal aspects of the new Act
  • Reference project: Czech Police
  • Cybersecurity education
  • Cybernetic Security Act and human resources
  • Reference project: Prague City Hall

Cybernetic security and implementation of the new legislation will be presented by the authors of the Act and independent cybersecurity experts.

  • JUDr. Radomír Valica, Head of the team that authored the Cybersecurity Act, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
  • Ing. Aleš Špidla, Vice president, ČIMIB - The Czech Institute of Information Security Managers
  • Ing. Jiří Šedivý, Former Chief of General Staff of the Czech Army, Lecturer and Program Lead Expert at CEVRO Institute  

Who should attend?

  • Directors and board members
  • HR managers/directors
  • Legal representatives
  • IT security professionals
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