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The Voice of IDC Experts

  • “Organizations in CEE are taking an increasingly mature and proactive approach to threat mitigation and the management of security solutions and infrastructure.”
  • “Solutions need to support the entire organization, the employees, and external stakeholders, as networks, mobile solutions, applications, and cloud services are increasingly becoming used for collaboration purposes.”
  • “Cybercrime, ransomware, and mobile adware (madware) are on the rise, as the lines of traditional IT security are crossed when we increase the use of mobile devices, social media, and cloud implementations.”
  • “Vulnerability assessment, network and host intrusion detection, policy compliance, and incident management are the key investment areas for CEE organizations over the next 12  months.”

The Voice of Attendees

What are your organization’s top three IT-related priorities?

Source: IDC IT Buyers’ Pulse 2012, N=739 companies across CZ, HU, PL, RO, RU

Status of Security Deployments in CEE             

Source: IDC CEE Security Roadshow 2013 Attendee Survey, N=280−440