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Turbulent economic conditions right across the region and political instability in the Middle East are combining to reshape the ICT requirements of small and medium-sized businesses and forcing changes in their ICT spending patterns. IT spending by SMBs in the Middle East and Africa touched $16 billion in 2011, accounting for 3.9% of the worldwide SMB IT spending. While SMBs in the region are yet to reach the IT spending level per entity of their counterparts in developed regions, progressive SMBs now see IT as an enabler and accelerator for revenue growth, cost reduction, productivity improvement, and customer service enhancement. The availability of better communications infrastructure is also contributing to the use of IT among SMBs and increasing their IT spend contribution in a market that is traditionally dominated by large enterprises.

IDC’s SMB Roadshow 2013 will harness these trends by providing a platform for IT providers and SMBs to come together and share their insights in an environment where SMB decision makers can gain a clearer understanding of how the effective use of emerging technologies like cloud, mobility, virtualization, analytics, and social media can enable success under current market conditions. Similarly, IT providers can use this opportunity to showcase their technology visions and case studies, advise and educate SMBs, and build the foundation for long-term partnerships.

 Key Themes for SMB:

  • Security: The threat landscape for companies is getting extremely complex, with a rapidly increasing number of remote devices and high levels of Internet usage becoming the norm. SMBs are facing serious challenges in terms of managing, monitoring, and securing their networks, systems, applications, and data. Those needing to develop a comprehensive security strategy for better risk management to prevent business disruption and data loss will learn invaluable tips and tricks at this event.
  • Mobility: Smartphones and tablets provide great productivity and efficiency benefits for SMBs by enabling them to empower their employees and extend productivity beyond the traditional office environment. SMBs are increasingly embracing mobility solutions to enhance collaboration, reduce costs through bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, improve customer service, and increase flexibility with regard to work styles through the wise application of mobile solutions.
  • Collaboration: The world is becoming a global market place with trade flourishing across borders. Advances in communication technologies enable SMBs to reduce travel and communications expenses while enjoying better connectivity through technologies like VoIP, Web conferencing, and video conferencing.
  • Virtualization: The Cost savings and flexibility that virtualization offers are great benefits for cost conscious, agile SMBs. As they look to expand IT infrastructure with growing business needs, server, storage and desktop virtualization will be allow them to scale up rapidly with low capital expenditure.
  • Cloud: Cloud offers great cost savings, scalability, and flexible utility-based payment options for SMBs. Telcos and ISVs are increasingly expanding their public cloud services portfolios of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings to include specialized solutions for SMBs. This event will provide significant insights for SMBs in the region that are evaluating cloud models to best suit their long-term needs.
  • Storage: As a result of explosive data growth, SMBs are struggling to manage data volumes, particularly in relation to unstructured data. Continuous, incremental spending on storage hardware is an expensive approach. This event will look at how big data affects SMBs and assess the ways to optimize storage investments and drive effective content management for better data availability and business intelligence.
  • Enterprise application modernization: As they expand, SMBs are looking to modernize and enhance their enterprise business app environment (ERP, CRM, etc.).However, they cannot afford to engage in expensive, protracted enterprise app implementation and customization projects. This event will shed light on why vertical focused, scalable, SMB-specific apps with rapid deployment packages are the need of the hour.
  • Business Intelligence:While data explosion causes problems with data management, it also provides immense opportunities for better businessintelligence. This event will illuminate the reasons why SMBs should embrace business analytics to bridge the gap between data explosion and IT infrastructure, leveraging data and gaining insights to accelerate business decisions and drive growth.

  • Social Media :As well as leveraging social media as an effective platform for marketing, SMBs should integrate functionalities with core applications to create bi-directional channels that help to get integrated views of customers and markets. This event will look at the increasing use of social media, assess the significant opportunities it provides, and explain how SMBs can leverage it.

The event is best suited for:

  • Large and medium size manufacturing companies
  • Insurance, banking and financial intermediaries
  • Telecommunication operators
  • Line-of-business and strategy executives
  • Ecommerce and media marketing executives
  • CFO/CIO/CTO/CSO senior management


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