MPS and Beyond: Transforming Information into Knowledge | Events | IDC CEMA

The key to business success for most organizations operating in today's increasingly knowledge-based environment is the ability to exploit the knowledge that already exists inside the organization. This ability allows employees to be more productive, strengthens customer satisfaction, and helps the organization to stand out in the competitive landscape.

However, IDC research reveals that in most organizations the management of information, which is to a large extent embedded in hardcopy and digital documents, does not stand up to the efficient and effective information management standards required by today's business environment. Meanwhile, the amount of information that employees have to deal with is growing exponentially, further compounding the situation.

Against this backdrop it is clear that information management must be improved substantially. An optimized printing and imaging infrastructure that utilizes managed print services (including solutions that streamline document-intensive workflows to capture, manage, store, retrieve, and distribute information to support business processes) is fundamental to delivering an efficient information management system and can bring significant and lasting business benefits.

This exclusive round-table event will provide a platform for discussing the current challenges organizations face in managing their hardcopy and digital documents, and analyze a host of solutions that enable organizations to address their current and future information needs.


Join our experts at IDC and Xerox to explore the possibilities.