Achieving Cost Efficiency while Increasing Productivity & Innovation | Events | IDC CEMA

In many organizations, imaging and printing infrastructure and processes are highly heterogeneous and complex and therefore lead to unacceptably high costs. Organizations operating in a global business environment are increasingly relying on information from very different sources, generated by a host of different applications and distributed over various output devices such as printers and faxes, as well as electronically to email, Web, smartphones, or tablet devices. However, these multiple sources and destinations of information, coupled with fragmented ownership, management of devices, lack of centralized print management, and lack of control, lead to poor processes and high costs. This exclusive round table will show how advanced managed print services (MPS) can help reduce costs and improve productivity and business processes through transformational services such as mobile printing, home-worker support, and document workflow optimization.

IDC would like to lead a discussion with this roundtable on important trends that will help shape the transformative framework for end-users.

This round table features:

  • Networking of CIOs across UAE  and recognised industry leaders
  • Is a comprehensive round table for busy CIOs to acquire knowledge and insights enabling informed decisions, increased ROI and maximum productivity
  • Promotes an exchange of ideas, challenges & solutions, and business case studies
  • Encourages discussion of pressing IT implementation issues and best practices

 Join our experts at IDC and Xerox to explore the possibilities.