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Gulf organizations are increasingly seeing beyond the hype and recognizing that cloud offers significant tangible benefits. In IDC's opinion, there is a definitive link between optimizing and driving efficiencies in the enterprise datacenter and the increasing attention cloud – particularly private cloud – is garnering in the region. When one considers that the key drivers behind private cloud adoption in the Gulf are the desire to reduce costs through improved utilization and the faster deployment of shared resources, it is clear that optimizing the enterprise datacenter is at the heart of this market trend.


While only a third of the GCC organizations are currently using or planning to use some form of cloud, the maturity level of organizations in the region has seen a significant improvement over the past 12–18 months.  Actual adoption is still in the early stages, with most Gulf enterprises still in the development phase of their private cloud implementations and primarily focused on the infrastructure stack of their enterprise computing environment and on rolling out consolidation and virtualization initiatives.

 Some degree of 'cloud confusion' still exists, with many enterprises struggling to understand what the difference is between virtualization and private cloud. While many industry experts may argue that private cloud is nothing more than an evolution of a virtualized environment, IDC maintains that there are a number of other features and elements that differentiate a private cloud from a virtualized environment, and that while virtualization is generally accepted as an important feature of this environment, the real benefits of cloud are only truly realized once all these elements are combined.

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IDC expects that by 2015 cloud technologies and services will not exist on a discrete basis, but will be integrated into every facet of business service delivery. At that stage, IT executives will be asked to manage a hybrid environment of on-premise, outsourced, managed, and cloud-sourced services.

As organizations embark on this journey to the hybrid cloud, it is imperative that any new projects are planned and executed in such a way as to take advantage of current and emerging cloud technologies and services.

IDC's  Cloud and Datacenter Roadshow 2012 looks ahead to the likely scenarios that will characterize the use of cloud technologies in the region and explores the essential steps in future-proofing IT infrastructure and applications. It will provide guidance on each of the essential steps towards a hybrid cloud environment: how to plan, design, implement, integrate, and, ultimately, manage tomorrow's hybrid cloud environment.

Themes addressed at this year’s Cloud and Datacenter Roadshow

  • Virtualization in the Cloud :Getting Your Cloud Building Blocks Right
  • Jumping on the Public Cloud in the Middle East
  • Is Your Power and Cooling Ready for Cloud?
  • Implementation of Private Cloud: Putting It All Together in the Private Cloud
  • Will Connectivity Issues Hamper Cloud Adoption?




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