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IDC's Africa CIO Summit 2011 is a recognized IT leader focused event where CIO, business and IT executives get the distilled and compact insights in IT refresh strategies, emerging technologies and best practices that have near term impact to your business landscape. Valuable lessons together with high level executive insights are shared in a tightly IDC regulated sessions where fresh new ideas, both disruptive and exciting will be carefully put together to help IT and business professionals produce the winning changes needed to their existing IT strategies. Every year, this IDC event illuminates the many minds with the best winning practices and engage emerging and promising vendors to outline their new product blueprint and practical solutions. Minds will be stretched while new ideas will grow.

With the recovery in place resulting from last year economic recession impact, IDC’s Africa CIO Summit 2011 will focus on a pressing theme: Winning Strategies of Empowered CIOs in the region. What are the winning strategies that empower CIOs to go the extra mile during this recessive period? In challenging times, it take sharp minds, wits and creativity to rejuvenate organizations.

A slowed-down economy is the perfect period where enterprises big and small alike, take the opportunity to re-evaluate existing workforce productivity, effectiveness and align their business strategies. The most pressing issue at this juncture for CIOs is to educate their company’s board members and stakeholders alike on the benefits of aligning IT business objectives with all business units within the organization. They must effect change with transparency, efficiency and urgency.

How can CIOs re-ignite the momentum and help rejuvenate businesses? What winning strategies can they adopt in their organizations to maintain their market share while growing their business?

IDC's Africa CIO Summit 2011 will bring together the best minds from resilient enterprises, fresh perspectives from IDC analysts and collective intelligence from the top business leaders.


CIO Challenges

African CIOs will be looking to leverage additional connectivity provided by undersea cables and manage internal technology infrastructure costs by using WAN optimization and unified communications technologies while balancing cost and footprint considerations by employing virtualization and consolidation technologies. Cloud computing is an area of significant interest at this stage, but actual budget allocations and earmarks for deployment are low, mainly as a result of the immaturity of this arena and concerns regarding the security and reliability of such a solution. Further confusion is noted due to widely differing definitions of what cloud computing actually is as a result of considerable vendor hype around the subject.

IDC's CIO Summit Provides

  • First-hand visions and experiences from recognized leaders
  • CIO trends and peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Major ICT trends and developments over the next three to five years
  • An insight into cutting-edge best practices
  • Visionary presentations from the industry leaders
  • In-depth analysis on the winning strategies employed by empowered CIOs