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All-embracing market intelligence to succeed in your market

With a worldwide perspective and a broad portfolio of products and services, we cover all major device platforms and technologies. We continue to expand our capabilities around the emerging technologies shaping the third platform for industry growth:

  • Mobile devices and apps
  • Cloud services
  • Big Data and analytics
  • Social business and technologies

In order to help your organization understand the above rapidly evolving phenomena, our continuous research, go-to-market services, and consulting capabilities enable in-depth insight into such topics as security, datacenter strategies, mobility, and virtualization.

IDC Consulting expertise cuts across many traditional technology areas:

  • IT Services, Business Services, BPO
  • Software (applications, systems infrastructure, application deployment and development tools)
  • Telecommunications and Networking (fixed line, mobility, Internet, broadband, M2M)
  • Systems & infrastructure (server hardware, storage solutions, virtualization, security devices)
  • Client Devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, handsets, thin clients, monitors/displays)
  • Imaging & hardcopy devices and document solutions (MFP, printers, copiers, large-format printers, managed print services)