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National ICT Strategy

Shaping policy with ICT strategy

National governments in emerging countries are aware that a developed ICT industry is a key enabler for building a country's competitiveness, attracting foreign investment, and developing information society – giving citizens access to egovernment services, online elearning, and social media platforms.

Our consultants and IDC Government Insights analysts work with national governments in the CEMA region to understand the major ICT challenges they face. 

We help assess the existing information, suggest the most fitting policies and regulations, and develop national action plans with a focus on particular improvement areas. Typically, IDC assists national governments in setting quantitative metrics and key performance indicators to measure the progress of ICT market development and the impact of ICT technologies on employment and GDP. The National ICT Strategy practice will help you:

IDC Consulting National ICT Strategy

  • Understand the current state of ICT in the country and in a regional context and benchmark your country against other countries and geographies with similar maturity levels
  • Develop roadmaps for public ICT infrastructure development
  • Develop national programs to increase IT skills and digital literacy
  • Identify gaps and best practices for legal and regulatory ICT frameworks
  • Identify the ICT areas with the highest growth potential and eliminate barriers hampering market growth
  • Increase the country's competitive advantage and attract ICT-related foreign investment
  • Support the development of the domestic ICT industry and incentivize local ICT companies to export their products and services