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Integrated Marketing

Transform your sales focus from product features to customer value

This change in customer dialogue shortens the sales cycle and generates more promising sales leads. Our team helps you form and communicate compelling messages to reach and influence your customers and prospects.

Seasoned IDC analysts and marketing consultants accentuate how your products address existing market needs and help you generate and qualify leads more effectively through the following solutions:

  • IDC White Papers: An objective customized positioning tool for marketing communication and lead generation
  • Business Value of IT: Business value analysis, software tools, and expert ROI metrics that help you bolster your sales force’s value story, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals
  • Marketing Collateral: Tailored to local markets or customer segments; in other words,  customer case studies and other content that can be used to demonstrate your value proposition via print, electronic, and other media
  • Go-To-Market Services: Offerings devoted to helping you take your product to market, including workshops, education briefings, Webinars, and customized events run by seasoned IDC experts
IDC Consulting Integrated Marketing

IDC Consulting has developed a comprehensive ROI methodology that reflects the value of a technology investment and quantifies the benefits of deploying products and services. We delineate financial results and bottom-line savings for real-world evidence of your technology benefits. Our ROI/total-cost-of-ownership tools offer corporations and vendors a solution and techniques that lower the costs of product/service ownership.

For more information about representative solutions, methodologies, and customer success stories, visit IDC's Go-to-Market Services web site.