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Customer Insights & Buyer Behavior

Understand technology buyers

Increase market share via stronger opportunity identification, informed product development, and messaging targeted to the specific needs of your customers. Our consultants help you gain a powerful insight into your customers’ behavior and technology decision by combining IDC’s primary research capabilities, advanced statistic tools, and analyst market expertise.

A priori customer segmentation (by industry and by company size) can be useful in analyzing opportunities, messaging, channel partners, and customer behavior, but it can also be highly complex and unorthodox in many respects. The Customer Insights Strategy practice will help you:

  • Understand buyer motivations, preferences, and willingness to pay
  • Differentiate customer segments that enable tailored product strategies and go-to-market programs
  • Optimally bundle features and price products based on customers' preferences and willingness to pay
  • Measure your product/brand strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors’
  • Increase customer loyalty, build brand equity, and grow your market share
IDC Consulting Customer Insights

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