Abstract - Austria Big Data and Analytics Survey, 2016 | Research | IDC CEMA

In This IDC Survey

This IDC study presents the results of IDC's online survey on big data/analytics conducted in October 2016 among private and public organizations in Austria with the aim of updating the status quo and identifying drivers and inhibitors of big data/analytics for Austrian users. The survey covers the following major topics:

  • Adoption of big data/analytics
  • Inhibitors to and drivers of the adoption of big data/analytics
  • Preferred vendors for big data/analytics solutions
  • Data volumes processed in organizations
  • Challenges in data management
  • Common analysis tools and techniques
  • Types of data
  • Future prospects and potential for growth

"Data volumes in organizations are increasing, and data management requires increasing effort. Organizations in Austria are discussing big data/analytics and are looking to identify relevant use cases for this 3rd Platform technology." — Research Analyst Julia Neuschmid, IDC Austria