Abstract - A Step in the Direction of a More Competitive Mobile Market? The Czech Republic's Spectrum Auction Rules | Research | IDC CEMA

The Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU) published a draft invitation to tender on March 20, 2012, in which it announced the rules of a spectrum auction in the 800, 1800, and 2600MHz frequency bands. In addition to explaining the rules governing the tender process ("tender rules"), the invitation to tender listed the obligations that participants must oblige if awarded spectrum. The CTU has hinted in recent months that it views the spectrum auction as a vehicle through which it will try to increase competition on the Czech mobile telecom market, particularly for mobile broadband services. The tender rules include provisions that will extend high-speed mobile Internet coverage and could lead to new market entrants, but are still likely to disappoint those who hope for a significant market shake-up in the near term. This IDC Event Flash analyses the CTU's tender rules in the context of its broader strategy for regulating the Czech mobile telecommunications market and their likely impact on the market.