Abstract - Romania Enterprise Application Software Market 2011–2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares | Research | IDC CEMA

This IDC study provides a detailed overview of the Romanian market for integrated enterprise application software (EAS) suites. EAS vendors tracked in this study include SAP, Siveco, TotalSoft, Oracle, Microsoft, Wizrom, EBS, Transart, Infor, and Epicor.

This study provides detailed qualitative and quantitative information, analysis, and forecasts that help to answer the following key questions:

"As Romania is slowly recovering from the economic downturn and credit crunch, vendors will see an increase in demand for their solutions from both government and corporate end users. However, vendors will need to convey very clearly the value that their offerings can add to customers' businesses. They will also need to demonstrate their services and support expertise, as customers are increasingly placing more importance on these factors when deciding on investments in EAS solutions." – Research Analyst Dana Samson, IDC CEMA