Abstract - Slovakia Enterprise Application Software Market 2011–2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares | Research | IDC CEMA

This IDC study provides a detailed overview of the Slovak market for integrated enterprise application software (EAS) suites. EAS vendors tracked in this study include SAP, Asseco Solutions, Microsoft, Oracle, Softip, Infor, HT Solution, QAD, IFS, Abra, Cigler Software, DC IT, and Kaso Technologies.

This study provides detailed qualitative and quantitative information, analysis, and forecasts that help to answer the following key questions:

"The Slovak EAS market is gradually emerging from the slump caused by the global economic crisis and saw modest single-digit growth in 2010. Nevertheless, the change in government in the middle of the year and subsequent halt and audit of all government-funded IT projects stifled the market's expansion. The commitment of the government to its austerity measures has continued to dampen growth in 2011, with only a moderate easing of spending restrictions starting in the second quarter. The private sector has shown more positive signs of recovery, with investment growth in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale, and utilities sectors, among others, holding the most promise for EAS vendors in the next few years." – Senior Research Analyst Mark Child, IDC CEMA